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Prestigious Residential Development by New Futura

New Futura Condo

New Futura is said to be one of the best sites that located in Singapore where you can purchase your flats at an affordable price with complete facilities. It is also easy for you to connect with just walking distance. For instance, people who all are feeling difficulty to connect with important places like Orchard MRT stations and somerset can make it possible within walking distance. If you are looking for the best places visit, then New Future could be the best choice for you.


Why is New Futura first choice for buyers?

For luxurious and convenient development, it is called as the best sites where the buyers show their interest always towards New Futura. Thus the New Futura is keenly working in launching the attractive designs and build to impress the buyers at the high time. The luxurious making style is the best thing where always helps to bring on the buyers.


Top site to prefer

As we all know that Singapore is one of the top cities for its amazing improvement in terms of residential developments, corporate headquarters and commercial office buildings. One of the best things that we should consider about residential developments which are located above the sea that is absolutely stupendous. However, when it comes to a home along with luxurious living buyers might expect to have a look at facilities like shopping centres, hospital and schools nearby. In this case, New Futura will offer you these all facilities with stunning interiors at an affordable price.


New Futura Price

For your information, New Futura expected to complete the current project at the end of 2017. We could see a lot of unit types that includes 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms and more ranging from 1,098 sq feet to 7,825 square feet. However, all the apartments under this site will be having life access. One must know that the average selling prices around $2, 7000 psf. New Futura is mainly focusing on major projects that are in outside central region.


New Futura Condominium

When it comes to New Futura Condominium by CDL, it is located in prime 9 of Singapore which is very close to shopping centre and CBD. The main motto of New Futura is to build the luxurious architectural design according to the needs of buyers.


Key things to go for New Futura

  • Location is considered to be one of the essential things to notice by the buyers. It is located on Leonie hill road which will offer nearby the restaurants, entertainments, shopping malls and other choices to visit. Also, it is considered as one of the best location to choose by the investors and buyers at anytime.

On the other side, when it comes to luxury property segment, the luxury condos and high-end selling at attractive prices. Also, when comparing with other countries, the selling price is very impressive and especially among the foreign visitors. If you are really interested in invest, then New Futura is the highly recommended to book as per your convenience.…

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Rivercove Residences: The Only EC in 2018

rivercove residences

Rivercove Residences EC: one of the best future executive condominiums which are going to be launched soon in the upcoming year of 2018. It is located in one the lavish and posh area of District 19 Sengkang i.e. Anchorvale Lane. It is one of the most costly bidding sites of Sengkang and the results also depict in the prices of the rates of the flats too. Book an appointment now at Rivercove EC Official Website before they sell out.

Anchorvale Lane is going to be developed more in future according to Government Master Plan and hence will also alter the rates of the residential accommodations of the Rivercove EC too. Do you want to get your home in the best, posh and luxurious locality of Sengkang, then don’t waste your time in too much thinking as the prices are going to higher and higher every second.

Enhancing connectivity in Sengkang: Rivercove Residences EC site is served by integrated transport hub. This wonderful site is well connected to the other parts of Singapore through public transport. You can easily access Rivercove through TPE, CTE, and KPE through all parts of Singapore. The best thing all above is that it takes about 25 minutes ride to travel the city Hougang. The city is also considered to have CRL too till the year 2030 which will provide you faster shortcut route between Hougang and the east or west of Singapore and hence help you in reaching your destination place in lesser time periods.

Nearby Developments: Hougang is one of the most developing parts of Sengkang. Defu Industrial Park is going to be redeveloped which will surely offer great job opportunities and better working environment for most of the people. In addition to it; various other cycling network and amenities center, Lorong Halus Industrial Park, are going to be established in the city which will surely open up more job opportunities and hence serve as one of the other reason for hiking the prices of the apartments day by day. Some other developmental projects are Serangoon Sub-Regional Centre, Seletar Aerospace Park and much more.

Government master plans: According to the governmental master plan the town of Sengkang is an exciting prospect for future Rivercove Residences EC which includes new schools, healthcare facilities, shops, parks and various other residential areas. The main aim of the government masterplan is to create a self-sufficient community where everyone can earn by its own using their own capabilities and master skills. Various new facilities and improvements are going to established soon in this sector in future too. According to recent various new deals are also going to crack in the upcoming future so as to provide more job opportunities.

Unique Selling Guide

  • Rivercove Residences EC is going to provide residential apartments at the best location.
  • It is just 1KM distance away from the reputed Nan Chiau Primary School
  • It is a joint venture of high-end developers Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway Developments.

It includes all the amenities nearer to it.…

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Blog professional home appraisal

3 Reasons to do a Professional Appraisal of your Home

Many people ignore the importance of hiring a professional for getting their home appraised. But this is very important for buying or selling a home. Many banks won’t even give you a mortgage if you don’t get your home appraised by a professional appraiser. Here are the reasons for doing a professional appraisal of your home.


Get the right price of your home

A real estate agent may do a rough appraisal of your home against the market value. But a professional appraiser will be able to come up with a more accurate pricing of your home. So, your property won’t be overvalued or undervalued.

Regulation of financial institutions

As mentioned before, some financial institutions demand a professional appraisal of your home before offering you any kind of loan. Whether you are getting a mortgage or loan for refinancing or renovation, you will have to do a professional appraisal of your home in order to get your loan approved.

Legal purposes

When your property will be transferred to your children you will need a professional appraisal of your home. It is also required when you get divorced and you need to divide your property with your spouse.

Though you might have to spend some money on getting a professional appraisal of your home, it is totally worth it. Your home will be valued properly and you won’t have any trouble getting loans.…

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Blog real estate agent

4 Reasons why it is Essential to Hire a Real Estate Agent

There are many online services available now that help a person to search for houses or sell houses all by themselves. You can save a lot of money this way as you won’t need to hire any real estate agent. However, if you don’t have the right knowledge, you may end up spending more than if you had a real estate agent to help you. Here are the reasons why a hiring a real estate agent is still essential.


Has access to comprehensive database

For a real estate agent, it’s a full-time job to look for houses. They have a comprehensive database of properties and know what new properties are available in the market for sale right away. If you are not a real estate agent, you won’t have access to so many properties.


Good negotiation skills

Real estate agents have good negotiation skills. They have to talk to a lot of people before settling for a deal. They talk to the buyers, appraiser, home inspector and many other people before finalizing the contract. At each step, they need to negotiate. You may not strike a good deal if you cannot negotiate well.


Do all the paper works

The process of buying or selling a home requires a lot of paper works. The real estate agent is an expert in handling these paper works as this is what they do every day. They know all the details and make sure that nothing is missing in the file.


Market knowledge

As part of their job, they have to stay updated with all the news related to the real estate industry. So, they will know the current market trend, mortgage rate, and other elements of this market. They will be able to give you good advice on buying or selling properties.

It is always better to have an expert by your side when you are into something as serious as buying or selling home. This way, there is little chance of things going wrong.…

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Blog social media

4 Ways Social Media helps in Selling your House

You shouldn’t take the power of social media lightly. It is not only a platform to socialize with your friends, but also a platform to do serious business. Now you can even sell your house using social media. These are the ways social media can be a great tool to sell your home.


Display pictures

You can take some lovely photos of your house. It is recommended that you hire a professional photographer for the job. You can then share it on your social network. Pictures are very effective in selling products.


Make a video

You can make a virtual tour of your home. Videos generate lots of interests and many people will watch your video. In this case, also, it is better to hire a professional videographer for the job who will be able to capture a 360-degree image of your house.


Use hashtags

You can target your audience using hashtags. It increases the chance that people who are interested in buying properties will see your post. So, you will have a greater chance of selling your home.


Word of mouth

People share posts on social media and word of mouth is the biggest advantage of using social media as a marketing tool. For example, a person has seen your post and will probably share it on a social network for others to see. Among those people, some of them might really be interested in buying a house. So, there is a high chance of getting a prospective customer.

Social media like Facebook and Twitter have many interesting tools available for selling products. You should study them and use those tools to promote your home. If things go well you may be able to sell your home faster than you had imagined.…

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