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The Perks of Bungalows in Singapore

Have you ever imagined an exclusive neighborhood packed with manicured lawns, lined trees and spacious backgrounds? All of these are the best because they speak about privacy which most people yearn for. If this is your preference, it is about time you consider purchasing your own bungalow in Singapore. This can be the answer to your dream house!

When it comes to a city-state where land is very limited, owning one can indeed be expensive. A ton of the visitors, residents, and expats are seen living in condos, apartments, and flats. However, what makes it living in a bungalow more convenient? Well, let us start with the fact that Singapore is somehow luxurious to be in. It goes with 1,000 good class bungalows that are around the country. This has to be noted.

Bungalows in Singapore

These are some other things that you should remember about most Bungalows in Singapore:

  • There is exclusivity in Singapore. Indeed, bungalows are good for those who want to pursue a long-term investment. Most bungalow sales have fared well even in struggles as compared to that of other housing projects and property values. For the last couple of years, there have been efficient financial gains which are reported by bungalow owners who finally decided to sell their own properties.
  • Bungalow owners normally enjoy the plot of land which features their properties. Good class bungalows are expected to have at least a plot of 1,400 sqm. This would provide owners and their families a ton of room for playing, and other purposes. There is also another restriction when it comes to bungalow owners. That involves having enough amount of greenery and grass on their property. This kind of stipulation is required to adhere to the environmental laws of Singapore.
  • Bungalows may either be single story homes or two-story houses. There might be a restriction on the height too. This is usually done so that low-rise feels of the bungalow neighborhoods may be preserved.
  • The advantage of owning and buying a bungalow would provide owner room so that future extensions may be undertaken. Bungalows may be renovated and remodeled since there is a large space which is a larger space available for owners. You may install a swimming pool for a new wing or a new floor. There is a big size for bungalows which may also serve as a garden. This is another good idea too. Most maintained and improved bungalows would easily fetch higher resale values. This can be a motivation for most bungalow owners out there most especially in taking care of properties.

There is a law in Singapore that states only citizens can own a property or a land in their country. This is also meant for bungalows which are situated in the city-state. However, there are many owners of bungalows who still rent or lease for the properties so that companies, expats, foreigners, citizens, and corporations would be able to make business on the place. This is an advantage that has to be taken down note.