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We are a fast growing real estate blog helping people with their real estate issues. If you have knowledge and experience about this industry then you can join our team. Before you start writing articles for us, you should follow the following guidelines.



The content should be unique and original. You should write in a friendly tone so that the general readers can understand. The content must be useful to the readers. Your content must not be more than 1,200 words long.



You should write in short paragraphs. The introduction must be very catchy so that it grabs the readers’ attention. You should include proper headings and sub-headings in your articles. Use bullets and lists where appropriate.



Before submitting your article, your writing must pass through Copyscape. It should be free from any grammatical or typographical error. You should submit the article through e-mail. Make sure you include a short author bio along with a link to your site.

After submission, your article will be reviewed by our team. If your writing is accepted, we will publish it on our blog within a short time. After the article is being published, you must promote your article through your social networks. This way you will increase your exposure as a writer. Working with us will make you more experienced and professional. You will learn more about the real estate industry as well. We hope to hear from you soon.